# Create Your Very First AWS EKS Cluster

You can easily create a new Kubernetes cluster using EaaS and then use EaaS generated Kubeconfig to deploy your applications.

To create your first AWS EKS cluster, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to EaaS using your credentials.
  2. Close the configuration wizard that appears by default. For this Quick Start Guide, the default configurations are enough.
  3. In the Welcome to KENV EaaS page, under the Create New block, click the Create AWS EKS option or click the plus button on top left corner, choose Create AWS EKS option, define the cluster name and click Create button.
Create AWS EKS Option
  1. Go to the AWS Credentials Configuration page and click Connect AWS Cloud Account.
EKS AWS Configuration
  1. "Connect your AWS cloud account" wizard will appear, just follow the instructions provided step by step.
EKS AWS Configuration Wizard
  1. When you finish the wizard, the configuration will look like this
EKS AWS Configuration Wizard Done
  1. In the top right-hand corner of the application window, click Deploy KENV EaaS.
  2. Wait until the deployment status is DONE.
Cluster Status


It may take approximately 15 minutes as AWS needs time to create a new cluster.

  1. Your AWS EKS cluster is ready to use. Now, go to the Artifacts tab and download a kubeconfig file for your cluster. You will need it to deploy the application and access your cluster.
Artifacts Tab


Make sure to keep the kubeconfig file in a safe place on your PC. Never provide public access to it.

Now you can deploy your very first application inside your cluster (for more information on how to do it, refer to Create Your Very First Environment).