# Introduction


EaaS is an environment-as-a-service product that allows you to create and manage even the most complicated environments quickly in 15 minutes or less. It is a tool that provides an extra abstraction layer above your applications and infrastructure in all your IT and DevOps frameworks, tools, and scripts.

This Quick Start Guide is a short version of the EaaS User Guide, which allows you to get familiar with EaaS in several minutes. Working on a very simple example, you will learn how to install EaaS and how to start using it.

Now you or any person within your organization; developers, QA engineers, sales teams, and trainers can create and manage environments themselves in self-service. You only need the application version and the business logic parameters to create an environment, EaaS will take care of the rest.

Whether you are a developer, DevOps professional, or senior manager, we are here to help you make the most of EaaS. Feel free to contact support@kenv.io with any questions or comments.

All the best, KENV